Orthodontic Treatment

Did you know we offer Orthodontic Treatment in our Clinic?

Book a consultation with Dr Gavin Deasy today and allow him undertake a full exam of your teeth and assess your orthodontic needs.

If you would like to go ahead with Orthodontic Treatment, we can book you in for records and a bond up. On this visit we will take photos and an x-ray. Once we have put on your dental braces we will go through with you how to take care of your new appliance and how to keep your teeth super clean.

Following that visit you will need to come back every 6-8 weeks for routine adjustments. Towards the end of your treatment you may need to come in every 2-4 weeks to fine tune any small details. Once everything looks great, we will arrange an appointment to take them off – the fun part!

Most importantly on that visit we will take impressions for your new retainers. Without these, your new smile could quickly fade away. If ever you lose, break, or the dog eats them, it is important to come back in again for replacement retainers.

Steel & Ceramic Braces

We offer two type of dental braces, Steel Braces and Ceramic Braces. With the latest in brace technology that has added comfort with fewer appointments and teeth that move faster.

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans for Orthodontic treatment.

Consultation: €45.00

Fees can be discussed at consultation appointment depending on your needs

Tax relief is available at the standard rate on orthodontic fees through the Med 2 scheme. This means that anyone paying income tax in Ireland can claim a 20% refund on fees paid.

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