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Vibraject – helping to remove any dental pain

A product called Vibraject, is a revolutionary device which reduces or even completely removes the discomfort of dental injections, has recently been gaining prominence.

It’s a small device that attaches to a dental syringe and vibrates. It can reduce or even remove all of the discomfort from a dental injection.

The genius in how Vibraject works is all down to the human body. The vibration sensation is carried to the brain faster than the discomfort of the injection by thick well-insulated nerve tissues, as opposed to the thinner tissues that carry the sensation of the injection. The vibration is therefore registered in the brain before the injection!


CEREC stands for CERamic REConstruction. It is a tooth coloured CAD CAM (computer aided design – computer aided manufacture) restoration. Using a small “camera” we take an optical impression of your tooth or cavity, after which we design the new restoration on the computer, cut it out of a solid block of matching porcelain and fit it all in the same visit. This means only one anaesthetic, and with Cerec there is no need for a temporary crown, which eliminates potential discomfort and cost for the patient. Read more

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is one of the newest x-ray techniques around. It reduces radiation by up to 90%. This type of x-ray allows us to see all areas of your mouth such as inside, under and between your teeth. Images can be viewed immediately on a computer screen in the surgeries, reducing chair time for the patient and also allowing you the patient to see the image, which in turn helps your dentist explain your treatment in greater detail.

X-ray with dental braces, orthodontic treatment

Intra Oral Camera

All our surgeries are equipped with digital intra oral cameras.

They allow us to take a picture of your tooth and send it to a screen above your head.

This allows you to see what we see, making it easier for us to explain why treatment is needed.


DIAGNOdent aids the dentist with more accurate, reliable cavity detection. More and more patients place value on healthy and attractive teeth.

In order to maintain them the earliest possible care is essential. DIAGNOdent aids in the detections of caries. Even very small lesions are detected
at the earliest stage, enabling us to protect and preserve the tooth substance. No scratching probe: simple, fast and painless examination, an extremely reliable diagnostic aid.


Another example of how we are constantly thinking of our patients’ comfort. Isolite is the revolutionary dental device that is helping us improve the quality of dentistry we deliver to you. Isolite increases visibility by lighting the patient’s oral cavity from within the mouth; it provides a unique, shadowless illumination that benefits both the dentist and patient. This allows for faster procedures, and reduces procedure times by 20-50%, something we are sure our patients will appreciate.


GURU is an award winning patient education software. It provides interactive and customisable patient education, which allows your dentist to discuss various treatment options or the consequences of non-treatment with the aid of animations and images.

It can show still and video demonstrations of dental conditions and treatment procedures, all of which helps you the patient gain a better understanding of your oral health.

Florida Probe

Florida Probe is a probing and charting software that our dentists and dental hygienists. It can detect and diagnose periodontal disease.

Sterilisation Protocol

At O’Connor Moore Dental Practice we follow strict instrument sterilisation protocols and use the latest and best dental equipment available in the business today.

All our surgeries are equipped with top of the line digital autoclaves. After each patient is finished all instruments are packaged into sterile pouches and vacuum sealed to prevent contamination. The instruments are then placed into a digital autoclave and autoclaved at 121 degrees. At this temperature all known disease-causing bacteria are known to be killed.

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