Dental Guarantee

Our Dental Guarantee

Investment in your dental health is a wise long-term decision. Here at OCM Dental, our goal is not to just correct any dental problems you may have, but to show you how to prevent disease in the future to save you time and money.

Long-term success of the care we provide for you depends upon your continuing home care along with regular professional exams and cleanings. The products recommended for you and the frequency of those professional recare visits depend on your individual condition. Recare frequency visits will vary depending on your oral health.

With that in mind, it is our pleasure to offer what we believe to be unique value as outlined below:

Your Part ….

Maintain an effective oral hygiene routine at home and attend your dental and hygienist appointments as often as recommended for your tooth/gum condition (at least once a year).

This guarantee is null and void if you do not maintain your periodic appointments as recommended.

Our Part ….


If restorations carried out by us are deemed to have failed or breaks under normal use and need to be repaired or redone, the guarantee is as follows:

1 year or less 100% cover: we cover the full cost!

1-2 years 50%: we cover half the cost and you cover the other half!

Root Canal Therapy

Studies show RCT has a 90-95% success rate– they do occasionally fail.

Our guarantee:

If you lose your tooth within 1 year due to failure of the root canal treatment, we will refund the root canal fee or use it as a credit it towards an alternative treatment.

CEREC Crowns, Lab Crowns, and Bridges

We will guarantee these most comprehensive procedures for a full 5 years.  We will replace or repair them at no charge during this five year period if they break, or fall out.  Failure due to new gum disease or tooth decay will not be covered, nor any accidents that could break normal, healthy teeth.

5 – 10 years: 50% – we cover half the cost and you cover the other half:

We cannot predict if or when a root canal treatment may be required. If so, they would require additional fees as usual.

Dental Implants

Implants have greater than a 90% success rate.  If our implants fracture or fail within a period of one year following the initial surgical placement, we will replace or repair any fractured or failing implant at no charge or refund your fee (at our discretion).

However, we also include a pro rata warranty for 10 years. After year 1 you will be responsible for covering a portion of the cost to replace or repair as follows:

Year 2 – you pay 10%

Year 3 – you pay 20%

Year 4 – you pay 30%

Year 5 – you pay 40%

Year 6 – you pay 50%

Year 7 – you pay 60%

Year 8 – you pay 70%

Year 9 – you pay 80%

Year 10 – you pay 90%

The good news is that most problems that occur will happen within the first year of treatment.

Exception: no warranty is provided for smokers or a diabetic condition that goes from controlled to uncontrolled.

NOTE:  As you can see, we are confident in the durability of our treatment as prescribed for you.  The primary key to your long term success is spending a few minutes every day on your home care, brushing, flossing, and prescribed products.  The second key to success is maintaining regular professional recare appointments which include an examination, cleaning, necessary x-rays, and any necessary fluoride treatment.  The interval between these recare appointments will vary depending on each patient’s individual dental health needs and can be every 3, 4 or 6 months.  This guarantee does not cover accidents that cause damage to the teeth or dental prosthesis.