It has been a turbulent few months and as we adapt to the changes that Covid-19 has brought with it, we would like to share with you how we are doing things differently, without losing sight of our patient centered ethos.

As with many practices, we are now booking all appointments over the phone or via email.  This enables us to maintain social distancing in our reception area. Once an appointment has been booked in with us, we will ask you to arrive just 5 minutes before your appointment.

When you arrive for a scheduled appointment we now have a few extra protocols in place. Firstly, we are asking all patients to arrive alone where possible. Once you buzz the door bell, one of our team will greet you at the front door. We ask all patients to wear a face mask while visiting the practice, however we do appreciate that with certain medical conditions, this may not always be possible.

Once you have sanitized your hands we will then check your temperature with a hand held thermometer. This is a non-invasive procedure, where we hold the thermometer to your forehead, without making contact with the skin.

If for any reason you have a reading of 38°C or above, please do not take offence but will ask you to leave the practice and reschedule your appointment. This is to ensure the safety of our other patients and our staff members alike.

When all the arrival protocols have been followed we will then ask you to take a seat in our waiting room. It is now more important, than ever before that you arrive on time, this enables us to have a safe number of patients waiting at any one time.

When you have been seen by the dentist or hygienist for your appointment, we will kindly ask you to pop your mask back on as you proceed to the reception area.

You can also expect a few changes from us when you arrive at the practice. You will notice all staff members will now be wearing a face mask. When a member of the team is in any public area of our lovely building, they will also be wearing a visor.

Our surgeries are sanitized after every patient, this was always common place in our practice, but we like to reassure our patients that we are continuing our strict cross infection controls. Our patient waiting areas and bathroom are also sanitized on a regular basis throughout the day. By following all these vital measures, we are striving to keep our practice a safe environment for our patients and work colleagues.

Finally, if you are experiencing any flu like symptoms, have a high temperature, or have been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19, please call us prior to your appointment, so we can reschedule it for a later date.

Keeping your distance at OCM Dental
Keeping your distance at OCM Dental