1. Cleaning your mouth at the wrong time:

If you could only brush once (and if you can brush once you can brush twice!) The best time is last thing at night before sleeping.

This provides the longest period of teeth being bacteria free. Ideally brush twice. It is best to brush after breakfast. After all, there is no point in covering your beautifully cleaned teeth with food immediately after cleaning them!

2. Using the wrong brush:

Use only a soft or ultra – soft brush. A harder one will only wear the gums and teeth away and damage the hard tooth tissue.

3. Ignoring the rest of your mouth:

The tongue can harbour bacteria in the rough crevices on its surfaces. Clean the tongue thoroughly with your brush. (It can also get rid of bad breath).

4. Wrong Technique:

Ideally your Dental Hygienist should instruct you in getting this right and correct any bad habits such as applying too much pressure or missing areas. It is amazing how many people (including dentists) who don’t get this 100% right!

5. Not brushing for long enough:

As well as a good oral hygiene technique it is recommended to brush  for a minimum of 2 minutes. (Try timing it, it is longer than you think). Most electric brushes have a timer.

6. Letting your brush get old:

Ideally, your brush should be replaced every 3-4 months. Worn and splayed bristles are not effective in removing the plaque which causes gum disease.