The great news is now there is a single visit alternative…. and all completed in less than 90 minutes. It is called CEREC. CEREC uses a very high-tech camera to scan your teeth and design the ideal customized crown for your mouth. We mill it in 5 minutes in the surgery using CADCAM technology and then fit your new crown immediately

Benefits of CEREC Crowns


CEREC crowns are extremely durable. One large study gives a survival rate of 95.5% after 9 years.

We are so confident of our crowns here at O Conno rMoore Dental Practice that we offer a unique 10 year guarantee. As long as you attend for your scheduled oral health check and hygiene visits If your CEREC crown breaks within 10 years we will replace it free of charge!!!!!

No extra numbing:

As everything is all finished in one visit ,you only need local anesthesia once

No temporary crown:

This is a big one. It means no impression to start with , none of the common discomfort associated with poorly fitting temporaries and crucially no loss of your precious time fitting /removing temporaries.

Less sensitivity post procedure:

The mouth is full of bacteria which are best kept well away from the vulnerable exposed inner tooth (dentine). Recent evidence indicates that most sensitivity after dental restorations are related to this contamination. Completing the crown in the same visit, we can hugely reduce the risk of contamination.

This was for us one of the biggest advantages of CEREC as with the older crowns one was never sure how quickly they would settle down after placement. Now our patients consistently tell us that as soon as the anesthetic wears off the crown feels like their own tooth with no discomfort.

Great appearance:

There are many different ceramics we can use with amazing aesthetics and strength and we can hand select which to use for each situation.

An added benefit is that the dentist can stain and glaze the ceramic after milling to perfectly match the color to your crown’s surrounding teeth when necessary.

Traditional crowns tended to use porcelain fused to metal to give it strength but the metal underneath tended to make the teeth look false. This problem is completely avoided with metal free ceramic crowns.

Higher accuracy so last longer:

CEREC crowns fit better because we take away the step involving a lab technician and the plaster model to make the crown. Instead ,we make a 3D model of your mouth to digitally design a crown with perfect shape, fit and appearance for your mouth.

Many traditional crowns fail eventually because decay starts where the tooth meets the margin of the crown. By making the crown with a perfect fit the tooth will be more decay resistant and the crown will last much longer.